Arkansas Congressman Gets Phone Time with FEMA Director

FEBRUARY 17, 2006 - Posted at 8:01 a.m. CST

HOPE, AR - Congressman Mike Ross says he had a phone conversation yesterday evening with the acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and suggested a way to disperse those mobile homes from the Hope airport.  Nearly 11,000 mobile homes are being stored at the airport as officials work to place them in hurricane-damaged areas where thousands of people still need housing.

Ross says he told FEMA chief R. David Paulison that the mobile homes should be offered to local governments, which could place people in them.

Ross says the mobile homes could be for transitional housing.  The mobile homes would either be auctioned after 18 months or could be put into a rent-to-own program if people living in them want to stay.

Ross says Paulison told him he will consider the idea.

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