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Weekend Treveling Conditions Could Get Dangerous

February 17, 2006 – Posted at 4:20 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Conditions over the weekend could make traveling treacherous across Region 8. A little extra attention on the roads could keep you safe during the first winter storm of 2006.

“We as Americans we are in a rush all the time and when you have slippery roads you have to be extra careful,” said Scott Bowlin, driver's education teacher at Greene County Tech.

With impending winter weather comes more accidents and the best advice when snow and ice hit.

“The best tip is to not drive at all, but there are a lot of people who have to be out on the roads,” said Bowlin. It's also crucial to slow down and remember that even if you have a four wheel drive vehicle it still takes the same amount of time to stop.

According to State Police, if you do have to be out, be aware of icy conditions if you lose control of your car don't pump your brakes another thing is that if you lose control of your car turn into a skid as opposed to out of it.

“When you start to slow down or start to accelerate is when you start to fish tail and above all don't follow close,” said Sgt. Benny Cox of the Arkansas State Police.

If you do skid off the road call 9-1-1 and remember that it may take police a little longer to reply because of conditions.

“Make sure you have a lot of fuel. don't put yourself in the position that you get on the road and get off in a ditch and don't have a lot of gas,” said Cox, “Another thing you might want to do is throw a quilt or blanket in the car with you in case your car skids off the road and you can't restart it so that you can at least stay warm.”

Ice and snow might hinder your travel plans but the state police urge you not to call them for road conditions.

“When our phone lines are tied up we can answer emergency calls,” said Cox.

The State Police say that all troopers will be on call this weekend to help keep the roads safe.

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