Region 8 Gearing up for Winter Storm

February 17, 2005 -- Posted at 5:42 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Many people in Region 8 are hitting the stores in preparation for the incoming winter weather.


While some are getting the items necessary items to remove ice and snow from their cars and sidewalks, others are getting the groceries they'll need so they can stay home.


Evan Short is an employee at Home Depot in Jonesboro where they have everything you need for a winter storm including salt.


“I figure we’ll see a lot more of that tonight before the weather gets bad,” said Evan Short.


In addition to salt, there are other things that can come in pretty handy as well.


“The Harvey Heat is a driveway heat snow melt that we sell.  We also sell the de-icer washer fluids,” said Short.


Across town at Hays Grocery Store, many people, including Mary Willey hit the store before the storm hit the town.


“I’m shopping for bread and milk.  I need something to get me through the storm,” said Mary Willey.


“It’s been pretty hectic this morning.  We’ve had customers in just getting last minute things before the roads get bad,” said Matt Hill, of Hays Grocery Store.  


“I've been watching the weather all week and I needed to get out and run some errands and while I was out I thought I would get things that I need,” said Willey.


The biggest sellers during bad weather are milk, eggs, and bread; items that employees here at Hays always keep stocked on the shelves.