Winter Roadway Preparation

February 17, 2006 -- Posted at 11:00 P.M. CST

JONESBORO -- Roadways are expected to create dangerous driving conditions by sunrise. We spoke to the State Highway Department today to find out what preparations are in place.

Although the State Highway Department isn't spreading the salt or sand just yet...the plan is in place.

"We've got crews assigned that are on call tonight. We've got the materials ready, so we're prepared...we're just waiting on the precipitation to start falling and see what kind it is," says Joe Barnett, State Highway Department.

Depending on the type of weather that hits, ice or snow, the State Police will contact the State Highway Department to let them know where the first freeze hits.

However, if you must hit the roads...keep these tips in mind.

"Maintain your speed if you're traveling 20, 25 or 30, don't be accelerating and slowing down. When you start to slow down, or when you start to accelerate, is when you'll start fishtailing. And above all do not follow close," says Sgt. Benny Cox, Arkansas State Police.


e strongly encourage the public that needs to travel tonight or this weekend, to check and see what the road conditions are, be prepared for some icy spots," says Barnett.