Traffic tickets up sharply in Forrest City

February 18, 2006--Posted at 3:30 pm CST

FORREST CITY-- The Forrest City Police Department wrote more than twice as many traffic tickets in 2005 as it did in 2004.

Police Chief Clarence McNeary told officers in a memo at the start of 2005 that he wanted to see more tickets written.

McNeary said in the memo that officers who don't write an average of one or two tickets each day aren't doing their jobs and that they should resign.

McNeary says the department isn't on a quota system and that his agency is not violating the state law that bans such quotas.

Records from St. Francis District Court show four-thousand-37 tickets were issued in

the city in 2005.

That's an increase of 21-hundred-89 tickets from the 18-hundred-48 issued in 2004.

Speeding tickets saw the greatest jump. In 2004, 216 speeding tickets were issued in the city.

In 2005, that number was11-hundred-59, an increase of 943 speeding citations.