Winter Weather Strikes Region 8

February 18, 2006 -- Posted at 7:24 CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Region 8 experienced a mix of rain, sleet and snow early Saturday morning. 

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The winter weather conditions made it tough for residents to drive on the roadways, but Cameron Box of Paragould said that he didn't mind the snow.


"My car isn't that well for handling snow and stuff, but it's fun," he said.


Box also said that he’s lived in Abilene, TX for the past few years, and was ecstatic about the falling snow.


“I like it,” he said.  “It’s fun to go out and play around in it.”


Since the snow hit land this morning, crews did what they could to clear the roadways.  Drivers also did their best to drive under the harsh weather conditions.


Sgt. Steven Richardson of the Jonesboro Police Department said that not everyone could handle the slick roads.


"Early this morning we had several vehicles in the ditch and not able to go up to certain upgrades," he said.


Although the icy roads cleared up as the day passed, police still urged drivers to drive with caution, or not at all.


“The best thing they can do is not get out until the weather’s clear unless it’s absolutely necessary,” said Richardson.