Movies and Winter Weather

February 19, 2006 -- 9:47 CST

PARAGOULD, AR -- The double whammy of icy, cold weather forced some Region 8 residents to stay inside Sunday to find some source of entertainment.

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Some residents in Paragould took it upon themselves to hit the streets and rent a movie.


"The weather is horrible outside and of course we're going to be inside and we needed some entertainment," said Courtney Barker.


Barker was in Hollywood Video renting a few movies to watch with her children.


"More than likely Green County Schools will be closed tomorrow and I'll have some entertainment for my children," she said.


It was a revolving door at the video store, as people searched for the movie of their choice.


Ryan Abanathy, Hollywood Video Associate, said that the store was busy all day.


"I think it's because they think they're going to be stuck at home for days, and they're going to need something to do with their kids at home," he said.


Not only were people in Paragould renting movies, but others decided to go out and watch a movie.  Catherine Laffoon was excited to spend some quality time with her family in an entertainment setting.


“The kids were getting kind of stir-crazy with cabin fever,” she said.  “We decided to get out and see Curious George and we’re excited about it.”


T.J. Eason, Cinema 8 Assistant Manager, said that the winter weather always brings more business than usual.


"It seems like the storm's trying to keep people in, and I think people really want to get out and find more of an entertainment center to go to," said Eason.


Whether going out to watch a movie or staying in, it seemed as though the word "movie" was the cure for the common cold of weather.