City Employees Spend the Day Moving Out of Justice Complex

February 20, 2006 - 5:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Some Jonesboro city employees are trying to settle in on their first day away from the Justice Complex. Today city employees are working hard to make sure the move from the Justice Complex to the Old City Hall goes along smoothly.

"We're trying to get all the personnel from the justice complex over here to the Old City Hall ," said Lt. Roy Coleman. Lieutenant Coleman's office was already located in the Old City Hall . He is now sharing his office with two other lieutenants.

"With the vacancy of the 410 West Washington building we're now housing the desk sergeant over here. Anyone that was using services that required the desk sergeant can now just come over here," said Sergeant Stephen McDaniel.

The Jonesboro Police Department Criminal Investigations Division and the records bureau are at the Old City Hall as well. A move like this one is not easy, especially with all the technology that comes with running a city. "Obviously, it's difficult. There's a lot of moving back and forth with the equipment, the phone lines, computers, and things like that. It's a process. But, it's going well and we hope to be moved over here pretty quickly," said Sgt. McDaniel.

"It's just a minor setback for us. We knew that this could happen," said Lt. Coleman. "We have the full staff of the police department, criminal investigations department, the records division, and people from City Hall working on the move," said Sgt. McDaniel.

Officers say the move should be finished by Tuesday. "It is just a regular days' work for us. We're just pitching in helping everybody," said Lt. Coleman. It seems everyone is working together to get everyone where they need to be. "Right now we're trying to still figure out where everyone's going to be. We have different office space available throughout the city that we're putting people in," said Sgt. McDaniel.

There are still parts of the puzzle missing as to where everyone will be stationed. Officials with the city of Jonesboro are doing their best to get everyone in the right place. "We just want the citizens to know that there hasn't been an interruption of police services. They're still out there on the street you can still get police on the phone," said Sgt. McDaniel.

Again, most of the divisions of the police department are located at the Old City Hall, including: JPD Patrol Division JPD Criminal Investigation Division JPD Records Division The offices of the District Court will be located in the Huntington Building , including: First Appearances Probation Hearings Payment of Fines