Math and Science---The State of Our Union

February  20, 2006 -- 7:08 CST

BROOKLAND, AR -- President emphasized the importance of math and science in the State of the Union Address a few weeks ago. 

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Steven Hovis, Brookland High School Principal said that they're on the right track at getting students prepared for the future.


“We do have a strong Math Department, and Craighead County has been ranking very high,” he said.


The school has been in the higher ranks because they have passionate teachers who want the students to not only learn the information, but know the information.


"Depending on how teachers present the information and talk about it, sometimes that can make it easier for the students," said Rick Robertson, Brookland Science Teacher.


Senior Ryan Childres said that he enjoys knowing that he has his teachers to turn to if he's having a problem.


"They're very easy to talk to and you can go to them and they'll tutor you if you need it," he said.


Robertson said that as a math teacher he was pleased with the State of the Union message and is a strong advocate of challenging his students daily.


Science Teacher Amanda Brewer thinks the challenge is important also.  She said that the two can sometimes go hand in hand.


“Math and science are so dependent on each other.  I can’t tell you how many days in class I use math,” she said.