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Marsha Mays Reports

Winter Car Theft

February 20, 2006 -- Posted at 11:00 P.M. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- W ith frigid temperatures in the daily forecast, staying warm is usually our top priority. Keeping your car safe, on the other hand, usually is not.

During the winter months, people often don't think twice about warming up the car and leaving the vehicle unattended, instantly becoming a target for car theft.

"You get up in the morning, start your car, go about your day. You wouldn't ever think someone would steal your car from here," says Justin Collie, Jonesboro resident.

"It can happen anywhere. When you think you're the safest, is when you're most vulnerable. You know, that's when things happen to you, when you're real comfortable with the situation," says Kenneth Thomas, Jonesboro resident.

The Jonesboro Police Department has several tips for keeping your car in your possession. Security companies make electronic devices that allow your vehicle to run without a key in the ignition. If the brake is pushed or the car is put into drive, the engine will automatically shut off. Still allowing you to heat your car, but stay safe in the same instance.

"We just want to caution people not to leave their vehicles running while they're unattended...course, the vehicles could get stolen at any time and you just never know what's out there. Someone might want your vehicle more than you do," says Sgt. Stephen McDaniel, Jonesboro Police Department.

This isn't just happening in your drive-way. Police say it happens even more when you're filling up for gas or just running in to grab a snack. Bottom line, just don't leave your car running because you might leave it running for someone else.

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