Stapling to Lose Weight

February 21, 2006 – Posted at 4:49 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- During the holidays it's easy to pack on the pounds and for many folks it's a New Year's resolution to lose that weight. Rather than sweating it out at the gym or starving yourself...there is a new alternative to weight loss, and it comes in the form of a staple.

"It's referred to as ariculatherapy. It's based on acupressure where we stimulate a pressure point and it will literally cut your appetite in half," said Leslie Balliette of Appetite RX.

After watching a short video, you're good to go.

"I'm going to go step by step just like you just watched in the DVD, and I'm going to clean your's a little cold with the alcohol. Then I'll dry them with a fan and I'm going to use the acupuncture guide and then we'll staple," said Balliette to her customer.

Client Tasha Gibson has had her ears done before and successfully lost five pounds. But shedding weight is easier said then done.

"I want a boost. I go to the gym, I try to eat right, but I still love to snack. And I need any help that I can get," said Gibson.

The staple starts at $45 dollars and its $10 for every additional staple. The effects usually last around six months and once they wear off, the staples are professionally removed. Appetite RX has a 93% success rate for weight loss when both ears are done and they can also help curb smoking. So far, about 2500 men and women in Region 8 are hooked.

"It's done with a surgical stainless steel staple. About .5 percent of the population has a reaction, so we have very good results here," said Balliette.

And as for the's not much.

"It's not painful, but it's not's less then getting your ears pierced," said Balliette. "It is a pinch, but the pain will subside in a few seconds....I'm fine now," laughed Gibson.

Appetite RX also has offices in Hot Springs , Conway and Benton .