Huntington Building Used For District Court

February 21, 2006--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR-- Court was gaveled into session today in an unusual location. Since the Jonesboro Justice Department has been evacuated until structural problems are fixed, much of the city's business is now being conducted at temporary locations. Either at the old City Hall or the Huntington Building

A filled church on a Tuesday? Despite being moved out on Friday from the Justice Complex, court was running on schedule today in the Huntington Building.

"I would have kind of expected things to get continued a couple days give them a little more time but surprisingly they seem to be up and running. Actual court things are going really smooth the clerks are working really hard to have some normalcy." said Attorney Marty Lilly.

The Justice Complex closed down this weekend and it was a quick turnaround to get everything moved out of the old building, in to the new building, and have court on Tuesday.

"I have to give the people credit including the computer people I don't really see how they got everything moved and operating," said Lilly.

Some of the procedures are a little different but for the most part residents felt the old church was actually a better location for today's court.

"It's more spacious, a lot better atmosphere, better overall, more room, warmer, and you can hear a lot better," said James Guiltner who attended court today.

While most complained about cramped quarters at the Justice Complex, parking was about the only issue anyone mentioned today.

"I do think they need to get a bigger parking spot because we had to park way across the road," said John Knight who was in the courtroom today.

For a District Court that was put together in a matter of days things were surprisingly efficient.

"It's running a lot smoother than what it was at the old police station," said Knight.

"The guys and women, if applicable, who worked on it all weekend really earned their pay," said Lilly.

If you need to pay a ticket or a fine there is a temporary office set up in the Huntington Building to collect your money.