HBO Airs Documentary About Region 8 Dog Kennel

February 21, 2006 -- Posted at 11:00 P.M.

JONESBORO, AR -- Tonight's premiere of the HBO documentary "Dealing Dogs" exposed the inhumane and illegal treatment of dogs at C.C. Baird's Martin Creek Kennel in Williford, Arkansas.

In 2003, 107 animals were removed and conditions were supposed to be corrected. However, in 2005, the problems still remained. Federal officials forced Baird to surrender his license.

What the owner of the kennel didn't know was that there was someone there from HBO, secretly taping the poor treatment of the dogs. That video was turned into a documentary.

"They have undercover video and voice from the time he worked there, showing the deplorable conditions for the animals and also showing some of the animals that were mistreated and some of the animals that were killed," says Wannda Turner, Executive Director of Northeast Arkansans for Animals (N.A.F.A.).

Baird was what is called a "Random Source" Dealer. 17 still remain in the U.S. These dealers often get their animals from so-called "bunchers", who pick up dogs that appear to be stray off the streets. The dogs, finally, end up in what N.A.F.A. refers to as "concentration camp" facilities.

"It's not only important so that people will understand that the animals were taken from here, but hopefully it will be a wake-up call for individual pet owners that it could be their pets that were stolen and placed in one of these facilities and sold for research," says Turner.

The problem still remains a threat to animals and will continue until licensing regulations are changed. And N.A.F.A. says the biggest way you can help make that change is by encouraging new legislation.