Asa Hutchinson Makes Stop at Arkansas State University

February 22, 2006 -- Posted at 5:36 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Gubernatorial candidates are traveling the state talking to college students about the importance of supporting the issues that interest them.


Democratic candidate Mike Beebe visited Arkansas State University last week.  On Wednesday, Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson made the same stop.


“Part of the responsibility of a candidate is to motivate the young people; let them know how this impacts their life,” said Asa Hutchinson.


One of Hutchinson’s competitors in the campaign for Arkansas Governor is Attorney General Mike Beebe, who visited the college last week.


“Students need to be voicing their opinions and what they’re concerned about.  They are going to be living with these decisions even longer than the rest of us,” said Mike Beebe.


Many students aren't especially concerned about voting.  However, they do know what they are looking for in a candidate.


“I’m looking for candidates that will really focus on the issues that concern us as college students.  A lot of times it seems the focus is on more adult issues,” said student, Zach Emtheny.


“I hope that our issues will engage them.  I hope that they can see their future will be impacted by this election in terms of jobs, job growth, and opportunities in this state,” said Hutchinson.


“I think our college students will help us build an information-based economy.  They’re going to be the leaders when they graduate from college,” said Beebe.


These candidates say by going to colleges and speaking with students they can encourage these potential voters to step up and voice their opinions.


“Whenever I graduate, I don’t want to work at McDonalds or at Wal-Mart while I wait for a good job.  When I get a degree in something, I feel I should be able to step right in to my field,” said Emtheny.


By meeting with college students and finding out more about the issues that interest them, candidates can target those interests and hopefully lure students to the polls next November.


There is one other candidate for Governor in the state of Arkansas, Democrat Bill Halter.


Like Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson, Halter is traveling the state, visiting with students at different universities.


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