Female Officer Honored as Officer of the Year, Again

February 22, 2006 – Posted at 5:49 p.m. CST

BLYTHEVILLE, AR -- Officer Rhonda Byrd of the Blytheville Police Department has been awarded with the 2005 Police Officer of the Year Award.

To serve and protect… that is the job of a police officer, but to Officer Byrd being a police officer means much more.

"It means honor, integrity and just all the things that make a person want to do the right thing," said Officer Byrd.

Byrd won the honor for her outstanding service to the Blytheville Police Department in addition to saving a young boy's life after he swallowed a meatball in December at a local day care.

"To save someone's life and know that this two-year-old boy is going to grow up and have a family of his own and that may have not been possible," said Byrd, the mother of two children.

"Her enthusiasm is outstanding. She's energetic and does a really good job," said Ross Thompson of the Blytheville Police Department

Byrd also won the award in 2000 when she helped save a man after he was stabbed. She says she isn't doing anything out of the ordinary, just simply her job.

"This is an every day thing. You never know what you are going to get into," said Byrd, "It's a blessing just to know that we were there in time to save his life."

Byrd, who has been with the BPD for seven years is honored and humbled by the fact that she has won the award twice.

"I think it might be a better honor to the citizens of Blytheville to know that they have some professional dedicated officers that are working their streets 24/7," said Ross Thompson.

The officer of the year award Byrd received was given through the Blytheville Rotary Club.