Crimestoppers Says "Thanks" To Medic One

Before we get to this week's crime of the week, we need to say thank you. As you may know, Medic One Ambulance Company sponsors Crimestoppers. What you may not know is that part of their sponsorship includes a monthly donation to Crimestoppers. Without them, it would be hard to pay out our rewards.

So last week, myself and other members of the Crimestoppers board of directors and KAIT presented a plaque to Ryan Kibbler and the staff of Medic One thanking them for all they are doing for Crimestoppers and the community. If you see any of their crew, feel free to thank them as well.

Here's the next crime that could lead to cash for you. Police and Wal-Mart security are looking for IDS on these two people. Detectives say this pair made purchases at Wal-Mart and other stores with a debit card that was reported stolen. They unsuccessfully tried to get cash out of the same account. If can ID one or both of these suspects, call Crimestoppers right now,  but not at the usual number. The shutdown of the justice complex has complicated things a little bit for Crimestoppers. Call this number, 935-5562. It will go to the police and just like always, you will remain anonymous. If you don't want to call, you can always email Sgt. Steve McDaniel. Give them a call, and remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-5562.