Cell Phone Technology Part 1

February 23, 2006 -- Posted at 11:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Cell phones aren't just for "hello's" and "how are you's" anymore.

Richard McLeod's cell phone is nothing short of a personal computer hanging on his hip.

As the manager at Target, McLeod's "do it all" cell phone keeps him dialed in.

If he can't get to the business meeting---his cell phone brings the meeting to him.

We're not always near a radio or TV, on the flip side, your cell phone is always at your side, everywhere you go, and everything is available.

If you have the Internet on your phone---headlines, sports scores, weather updates, even live radar are just a button away.

With there convenience, it's no wonder the biggest markets for cell phone company's are kids, tweens and teens, showing their phones have everything the savvy cell phone users in this day in age say they just can't live without.

"You can get free text messaging, set it to video phone, and you can even get on the Internet," said Valley View student Katy Spencer.

"I can have my friends send me pictures and stuff pretty much like picture messaging. If I want a picture, I just ask my friends to send me one," said student Kasey Boyd.

"My phone has camera, video, and I can do pretty much anything I want on it," said Valley View student, Madison Maddox.

Cell phones have made their way into just about every aspect of society, even in our classrooms.

Traci Smith is a teacher at Valley View.

"The thing I have seen is that it has crossed every economic barrier. All these kids have phones.....all of them," said Smith.

Much like the technology of the cell phone is ever changing, so too is the way Valley View teacher Traci Smith monitors her class.

"It brings in a whole other factor in teaching. Now, with new technology in these phones, kids can easily use these phones to cheat," said Smith.