Vigil Held in Trumann for Murder Victim

Last month, Arlen Campbell Junior was fatally stabbed in a parking lot in Trumann. It's a crime that still has many unanswered questions, but tonight all that was put on hold.

Emotions ran high as friends and family gathered in Trumann to celebrate the life of Campbell, Jr.

"He was so kind...everybody loved him...everybody in Trumann loved Junior," says Caroline Campbell, Mother.

Dozens gathered around candlelight to remember Campbell for the person he was. Someone who his family says shouldn't be remembered by this horrible tragedy. They say that this day, Campbell's birthday, will always be a day of celebration...but now...a day with a much different tone.

"God bless my son...and just have a prayer for him today, cause today's his birthday...he would've been 34 today," says Caroline Campbell, Mother.

Although the purpose of this vigil is to pay tribute to a fallen friend, the family says they still want to see justice served.

"I'm gonna push this as far as I can push it, because my son did not deserve to die," says Caroline Campbell, Mother.

Campbell Junior and his suspected killer, who the family refers to as "Boo Boo" were supposedly friends, but considering the way he died, they can't imagine his stabbing was an accident.

"One time by accident, you know...but 3 times, in the main organs. My son loved you Boo Boo and I just don't understand how come you done this to him," says Caroline Campbell, Mother.

But until justice is served, tonight's focus was to remember Campbell Junior for the man he was.

"He went out of his way to help people, you know and that's something a lot of people in Trumann and a lot of friends will remember him by," says John Armstrong Sr., Uncle.

The probable court date for Charles Lee Jones, the sole suspect, has been set for March 1st.