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Jonesboro, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

Proposed Skate Park at Debate

February 23, 2006-- Posted at 11:30 pm

JONESBORO-- Skateboarders in Jonesboro are once again fighting for their sport and a new park they say should have already been built.

After Jonesboro's skate park was illegally destroyed by a local business owner in 2004, skateboarders were told a new park could be rebuilt.

Residents have debated about where a new park would be located for some time.

But tonight, the Parks and Recreation Department sat down to discuss the future and location of a new park.

The department already has a target location in mind. They'd like to locate the new park near downtown, bordering Flint street...

But skaters say they are tired of waiting for the park to be built... They've been in limbo since the destruction of the downtown park in 2004.

"I just want a park. I want a quality park. There are quality parks in Paragould, in Trumann... They're beautiful," Skater Jake Sims says.

The city has faced much opposition over the proposal of a new park.

With the plan came worries of graffiti, a lack of supervision and destruction of property.

But city officials say though it may seem the odds are against kids that just want to skate,

there are mixed reactions.

"We get opposition but we also get people in favor of it as well. We get it from both sides. It's not just a one sided thing," Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Jeff Owens says.

But skaters say the delay is uncalled for and the opposition is just nonsense.

"It's really simple. The thing about it is, people are trying to act like we're going to destroy it. I just want a place to skate that has been funded by the city, that's nice and will be taken care of," Sims says.

A well kept, secure park is what the city has in mind.

"There's a combination of surveillance cameras, web cameras, security lighting that are motion detectors that will help the police patrol it," Owens says.

With a proposed location and a security plan, the question remains... W hat's the hold up?

"I think that most of this is just stereotypical opposition. If we were talking about a baseball field or a football field or any other sport, we wouldn't even be here tonight. We would have already had it built or in the process," Sims says.

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