JETS Almost Ready To Roll

February 24, 2006 – Posted at 4:19 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- After years of planning, Jonesboro is almost ready to have a mass transit system in place for citizens.


“Roughly I am looking for it to be up and running by the end of April and first of May,” said Jonesboro Transit Coordinator Joel Gardner.


In less that three months the city hopes to have the JETS system in running order but a lot must be done before the buses are ready to roll.


“We are in the process of obtaining our buses and obtaining our shelters we got the routes plan out and now it is a process of finding out where each and every stop will be,” said Gardner.


Under the JETS plan there will be three routes.  A blue route that will cover ASU and the northern end of town, a green route will cover the industrial area and a red route will handle the eastern and southeastern portion of town and end up at the corner of Caraway and Matthews.


“Under the proposed plan all three bus routes would come together here at the intersection of Caraway and Matthews it's a convenient locations that jets hopes to use as a bus terminal,” said Gardner.


The buses will hold 16-24 people and make stops all across town including 32 shelters strategically placed around the city. JETS is also working on fare boxes for the buses.


“The fare boxes are fully electronic system that will accept change and bills,” said Gardner.


The boxes will also validate bills, take pass cards and make change in the form of future bus fare.  JETS is also currently in the process of finding bus captains and advertisements for the shelters and buses.