2006 Running Walking Series Kicks off with Healthy Heart Run/Walk

February 25, 2006 -- Posted at 1:55 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The third annual Northeast Arkansas Running and Walking Series kicked off on Saturday with the St. Bernards Healthy Heart 2 Mile Run/Walk.


This race is the first event in a series of 16 events for 2006.

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The next few races in the series will be 5 kilometer races, which is just over three miles.


“Our mission is to promote health, fitness, and competition throughout northeast Arkansas.  Our club, The Ridge Riders Athletic Club, we coordinate these running events for people to participate in,” said Jim Stearns


For everyone, young and old, their goal here is the same: fitness.


“It is just for the health of the community.  It’s very beneficiary for cardiovascular fitness,” said runner Leah McKee  


“It feels so good when you finish, just to get out of the house,” said runner Shana Barker.


And getting out of the house is the goal for Jan Yousefi.


“You’re going to have to get healthier.  You’ve got to get up off the couch, you’ve got to lose some of those rolls, and you’ve just got to get healthier.  You’ve got to take care of yourself,” said runner Jan Yousefi.


Yousefi is new to this sport.


“This is my first time to ever run.  I just turned 60, I’ve lost some weight, so I just tried it,” said Yousefi.


Race officials say there were over 300 participants in Saturday’s race.


“We get the ultra competitive runners that are very fast, and we get the average person that started their program, hopefully, back on New Year’s,” said Stearns.


If you have just started your fitness program, there are plenty of events coming up that you can get involved in.

For more information about the remaining events in the Northeast Arkansas Running and Walking Series log onto The Ridge Rider Athletic Club’s website.


In addition to upcoming races, you can also find a complete list of Saturday’s winners.