Governors Want Assurances From President on Prescription Drugs

February 26, 2006 - Posted at 1:34 p.m. CST


_ Governor Huckabee says he gets the sense the

troubled new Medicare drug program is working more smoothly.

Huckabee is among governors meeting in Washington who say problems

with the program could erode states' finances if they have to wait

too long to get reimbursed.

Huckabee, chairman of the National Governors Association, said

Arkansas had spent six

million dollars on an emergency basis.

According to Huckabee, Arkansas was one of the states that had some

real hiccups in the first weeks.

But he said he believes Arkansas will save money in the long run

as a result of the program. He said he wouldn't defend the whole

program because there were clearly mistakes made. Huckabee said

those mistakes were unintentional, but they still had real-life


However, Huckabee said he doesn't want people to forget that

more people are getting prescription drugs than ever before, and

they're getting them at a better price than they've ever had

before. As he put it, quote, ``The net result is a plus, not a

negative,'' unquote.

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