Protecting Your Identity

February 27, 2006 -- 5:55 CST
JONESBORO, AR -- It seems imposters are having a field day stealing peoples' identity. That's why Allstate has a new policy to help their customers protect their identity.
"This is a major concern with our policy holders and our company in general," said Jade House, Allstate Agency Owner.
Allstate's identity restoration coverage can be added on to any homeowners or renters insurance policy.
"Obviously if you own your own home you're in a little bit better financial situation, maybe more established in your career," said House.
Not every insurance company is offering the restoration coverage, and some homeowners don't even know it exists.
"I would probably consider purchasing it because it's so prevelant," said Renee Aspinwall, homeowner.
Financial institutions are also protecting their customers. Bank of America places a photo on all of their customers check and credit cards, and they have several other securtiy measures too.
Seth Elder, personal banker, said that Bank of America customers are not liable for any fraudulent charges.
"If something happens to your account with fraud, or if someone stills your cards, you're covered," said Elder.
Although insurance companies and banks do what they can to help, professionals advise people to be cautious of what they put in their garbage can.
Allstate has offered identity restoration coverage for about six months at $40 dollars a year.