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Home Sales Hit Record Low

February 27, 2006 -- CST


JONESBORO, AR -- It looks as if the housing market is losing its shine. Sales of new homes were at a record low last month.


Last year was a tough fourth quarter, and then January and Feburary have been a little slow," said Sherlyn Blackwell of Fred DacuS Associates. 


It may be a little slow, but Blackwell is still optimistic


"From all indications we're rebounding very well and March is going to pull out for us," she said. 


Although Region 8 was not affected heavily, she believes there's a reason for the drought.


"I think it had alot to do with the hurricanes," she said.  " The fourth quarter...I think there was a lot of doom and gloom and that really plays on people's mind."


Blackwell said that eventhough sales are down at this time, she's not breaking a sweat because it's only temporary.


"We have a lot of folks movin into Region 8...a lot of folks coming in with the new mall, so we expect great things."

She hopes to rebound very soom from the now, cold housing market to a red-hot market.

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