Repairing the Justice Complex

February 28, 2006 -- Posted at 5:50 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- The Justice Complex in downtown Jonesboro has been closed now for about two weeks.  In that time many changes have been made.


Now, the building stands empty while repairs are being done to make the structure safe.


“There was evidence that there were some structural members that had cracked and had moved,” said Brian Wadley, Operational Director for the Mayor of Jonesboro.


Now, the building stands vacant.  A few employees still go in and out to retrieve items from their offices, but until the problem is repaired, no work will be done inside the Justice Complex.


“The building has got to be in safe shape for our employees to be able to go back in there.  Our architects and engineers are working right now on a plan to come in and shore up the building to make it safe to occupy,” said Wadley.


Testing on the existing structure has already been completed.


“They came in on Saturday morning and drilled some ten foot holes through the floor and the foundation of the existing building to determine the soil bearing capacity,” said Wadley.


However, once the building is stable, it will still be a temporary fix.


The justice complex will still not be up to code for an emergency services office.


“We will be looking to relocate those offices in the very near future,” said Wadley.


City officials will be looking to either buy a new building, or build a new building for the employees who used to work at the Justice Complex.


City officials hope to have the plans from the architects by the end of the week.  Brian Wadley says the city will probably waive competitive bidding if they can find a contractor who can begin the work immediately.


For more information about the city of Jonesboro, visit the city’s website.