Northeast Arkansas Regional Archive Facility Comes to Powhatan

February 28, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm

POWHATAN-- A land already rich in history will be home to some of the states oldest documents.

But in a way, the documents are just returning home... They will be displayed close to where residents found them.

For more than 100 years, this courthouse was home to some of the states oldest legal documents.

These empty vaults used to hold thousands of documents dating back to the 1800's.

But when the courthouse was renovated, the documents were relocated to ASU.

These are documents Llyod Clark calls a genealogist's dream...

"The records are almost unavailable now at ASU because they're boxed up and not catalogued in a fashion where the public can have access to them," Lawrence County Historical Society President Lloyd Clark says.

But after nearly two years of frustration over the placement of the documents, they will finally have a home, not in the courthouse, but in the Powhatan Church of Christ building at the courthouse state park.

They will call the new facility the northeast Arkansas regional archives...

"It will be a state of the art research facility where people can come and do family or historical research," Clark says.

It will be knowledge that will be catalogued and available on-line... A chance for these age old documents to breathe life again...

"We're just thrilled that there is going to be a facility built here," Clark says.

Built on the land that is already rich in history with the restoration of the courthouse from the wood floors to the refurbished vaults... All this, just a few steps away from the Powhatan Church of Christ that won't be empty for long.

It will only grow with the additions that will make up the archive facility and the people who will will visit.