New Technology Helps Local County Services

March 1, 2006--Posted at 4:30 pm CST

Poinsett Co.--If you’ve ever called E9-1-1 services on your cell phone one of the first questions they are likely to ask if where you are located.  Location has been a big problem with emergency services in the area, but now new technology is about to change that.


‘In the past it was almost impossible to locate a cell phone device, Poinsett County Assessor Johnny Rye told K8News.  ‘Now with this new software we are going to be able to locate anyone talking on their cell phone anywhere in the county with an accuracy of just inches.’

The software works like this.  Last year Poinsett County paid to have the county aerial photographed.  These pictures along with 13 points established around the county and accurate GPS scans will allow the county to pinpoint callers.


The most impressive thing about this technology is how many different uses they are finding for the software.  The software can be used to obviously help in emergency situation but they will also be able to use the software to help with voting precincts.  Another use will be helping those looking to dig.  Now just one phone call is all that is needed to find out if electric lines are close to where you are planning on digging.