More Meth Addicts Seek Help

Being addicted to methamphetamines could probably demoralize any human being.


“If they ever use it more than once, most people are addicted to it at that point,” said Darla Tate of St. Bernards Counseling C enter.     


The number of people using the drug and the number of people being treated for it is skyrocketing .


“Most of the products that are used in it, it's found in our homes, it is found in the barns in our farm…so it's very easily manufactured,” said Tate    


Tate said that although it’s easy for people to get their hands on the drug, getting off the drug is the hard part.


“There is not a detox for methamphitamines, not a medical detox...there's a social detox.”    


A social detox means that the person undergoes a physical and mental withdrawal, without the help of any type of medication.  Treatment is not inexpensive and the extent of that treatment depends on funding.


“State funded facilities…most of them run 28 days inpatient,” said Tate.   “Our program here is a 16 week intensive outpatient program.”


Methamphetamines are considered one of the most addictive substances on the illegal drug market, an addiction best treated in a safe, therapeutic setting such as a recovery center.