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Entergy Offers Advice for Spring Storm Season

March 5, 2006 - Posted at 12:50 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ Entergy Arkansas, the largest electricity

supplier in the state, is offering Arkansans some advice about

dealing with storms and their aftermath, as the state heads into

the spring storm season. In particular, Entergy has some ideas

about things to do do -- and not to do -- when the power is out.

Entergy says:

-- Consider all fallen wires as potentially dangerous. They may

be energized so report them immediately. Stay away from downed

lines and from tree limbs or metal objects that may be touching the


-- Keep others away from the lines, too, and call Entergy's

service number to report them. The number is 1-800-OUTAGE -- that's


-- Stay away from all water-soaked areas that have any

electrical equipment nearby, as the water could conduct


-- Avoid touching metal fences or guard rails during or after a

storm. A poweer line could have fallen across it somewhere where

you can't see it.

-- Keep a battery-operated radio and flashlight nearby so you'll

be prepared if the power goes off.

-- Turn off major appliances to lessen the impact on the

electrical system when power is restored.

-- After the power comes back on, don't turn on all appliances

and lights back on immediately, for the same reason.

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