Pastor Ordered to Serve Five Years in Prison

March 5, 2006 - Posted at 12:54 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ A North Little Rock minister has been

sentenced to five years in prison after a judge found the minister

violated his probation on theft and forgery convictions by sexually

assaulting two women.

The Reverend J. T. Talbert pleaded guilty in 2000 to the forgery

and theft charges, received five years probation and was ordered to

pay a 500 dollar fine. The charges stemmed from accusations that he

used a church-based self-improvement program as a front to scam

money from criminal defendants who used the program.

Then last August, Talbert was convicted of sexually assaulting

an Alabama woman and a North Little Rock woman and was sentenced to

a total of 40 years in prison. After that, prosecutors sought

revocation of Talbert's probation from the previous convictions.

Last week, the 54-year-old Talbert, who has been free on bond

while he appeals his August convictions, asked Pulaski County

Circuit Judge John Langston for mercy, saying he was too sick to be

incarcerated. He did not elaborate.

The judge, instead, sentenced Talbert and ordered him taken into


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