Tourism Conference Kick-Off Celebration

March 5, 2006 -- 10:15 PM CST

JONESBORO, AR -- It was a full house at the Nature Center with tourism professionals from across the state. 

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Tonight was a time for them to take a load off and gear up for the next two days.


“I’ve been eating a lot of great food…looking at a lot of great exhibits…listening to great music…a lot of fun out here at the Nature Center,” said Terry Cook of Harrison, AR.


The Nature Center is just the beginning for tourism professionals who take great pride in their day to day jobs.


“They’ll bring us up to date on group travel,” said LeAnn Dilbeck, Advertising/Media Consultant.  “They’ll also show us the new advertising campaign and that way we can take it back to our hometown.”


Cook said that so much is learned at the conference from advertising to marketing and public relations.


John David Rice, Arkansas Tourism Director, said this was a great start to economically impact the city of Jonesboro.


“We want to get the season off to a very good start,” said Rice.  “We want people to know how we’re spending their tax dollars in 2006 so they can take advantage of all the opportunities.”


This conference is just a stepping stone for more good things to come.


“Good things are happening across the state,” said Rice.  “This new nature center is the perfect example.”