From Editing to Anchoring...Student Broadcasters in Region 8

March 7, 2006 – Posted at 4:37 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD, AR -- Did you ever think you wanted to go into media? There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to put on a newscast and having experienced workers can make a big difference in how smooth a show can go. But getting that experience can be tough sometimes... two Region 8 schools are working to change that.

"Everybody can do everything...from running the camera, doing the interviews, to being the reporter, writing the scripts, you can learn to do it all," said junior Kyle Singleton, Paragould High School.

Student broadcasters have a chance to dance on both sides of the camera with school television programs at Greene County Tech and Paragould High School . And they cover stories with an even broader range.

"We've done stories on how to go to prom for cheap and how some people that live on their own in high school. We've been to Pumpkin Hollow and did a story there," said PHS senior Armando Fonticiella.

"A lot of the times when we are not doing games, we're putting together stories for newscasts. Usually over topics with the school, but we do topics around town to try and get to more audiences," said Greene County Tech senior Jared Risner.

From editing to anchoring...both schools give these kids get a chance to try it all on.

"I've been able to learn how to direct and that was really fun and had a chance to work in the truck. You get to mess with the digitals and all that kind of thing, and watching the camera person," said Holly Mitts, a sophomore at Greene County Tech.

"I've learned how to edit, how to white balance and all that good stuff. We've learned how to microphone people up and make sure you get decent answers during an interview," said Fonticiella.

And whether or not they go into a media field....having experience gives them an extra advantage.

Risner said, "It will be so much easier for me when I go to college, compared to other people, because I have edited. I've worked on stories and they may not be good, but I do have actual hands on experience, so it will be a lot easier."

"It's really fun and good experience for everybody," said Mitts, "I think that anybody who likes to work with cameras or anything like that should consider it."

It's interesting to note....both of the instructors who teach broadcasting--Michelle Addison at Paragould High School and Pam Andrews at Greene County Tech--are former KAIT employees. Addison worked as a producer and an anchor and Andrews was a chief photographer.