The Car Industry, Japanese VS. American

March 7, 2006 -- 7:20PM CST

JONESBORO, AR -- American-made cars are no longer the automobiles of choice among many consumers who are choosing to purchase Japanese vehicles.


Honda topped the list for Consumer Reports top cars in 2006 because of its look, style and stability.


 “Most of the buyers want both,” said Scott Powell of Carlock Honda.  “They want the quality and the style, and that’s where Honda comes in.


Ken Yarbrough of Central Chevrolet said that he believes that people have a negative perception of American-made cars.  He said that U.S. automakers will soon get over the hump.


"I think they're making the right moves right now with their new product they're bringing out and quality improvements."


Chevrolet was best known for selling great trucks, but with the increase of gas prices, they've had to make the transition from selling more trucks to selling more cars.


"The cars have come more to the forefront and truck sales have dropped, so General Motors is in a transition right now," said Yarbrough.


There is a silver lining for U.S. carmakers…hope.


"I think with more hard work, and pulling together, working together…the manufacturers, the unions, workers, management, the dealers…all those together will get through this," said Yarbrough.