Can You Guess The 5 Most Unpopular Jobs?

March 09, 2006 -- Posted at 2:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- According to, the five most unpopular jobs are Registered Nurse, Machinist, Librarian, Truck Driver, and Pharmacist.

Some may surprise you more than others.

It's no secret there is a need for RN's, but the reason for the shortage might surprise you.

The need for RN's grows by leaps and bounds each year.

To make matters worse, it's predicted that by 2011 more nurses will be leaving the profession than entering it.

Sue McLarry is the Interim Chair of the Department of Nursing at ASU.

She says part of that has to do with the fact that we have nurses that are over the age of 45, and in the next 20 years, they will be thinking of retiring soon.

Experts say there isn't necessarily a shortage of people wanting to be nurses.

The problem, at times, is finding adequate people to teach these students, and finding the proper facilities to do so in.

"Just the bachelorette program here at ASU a number of years ago would accept only 60 students every year. They now accept 90, so they increased significantly, but they still accept only half of the people who apply," said McLarry.

Nationwide, there's about a six percent vacancy for faculty positions.

McLarry says one reason is sometimes, staff nurses in clinical settings make more than teaching nurses.

Also, those who teach must be equipped with an advanced degree, but at ASU, enrollment in the Master's Program is increasing.

"That is speaking well for the fact that people will be coming into nursing education," said McLarry.

Jennifer Berry is a senior in the BSN Nursing Program at ASU.

She said she's not completely surprised Registered Nurses were among the most unpopular jobs.....but for her, nursing isn't just another paycheck, it's a rewarding career.

Lacey Foresythe is already an LPN, but wanted to continue her education.

In fact, she plans to get her master's degree.

"You can be a nurse practitioner, or nurse educator, or the nurse anesthesiologist, so there is an opportunity at every nursing level," said Foresythe.

Rich Sheppard is one of several males in his class.

He says the number of male nurses continues to grow.

He says everyone finds their niche in nursing....and he has certainly found his.

"I love the emergency department, and I love the ICU nursing.

The limitless possibilities, and the gratification, is an incentive to become a nurse, and Sue McLarry says even if it's not the most popular, it's one of the most trusted professions out there.