Corning Receives Damage Caused by Straight Line Winds

March 9, 2006 -- Posted at 10:25 p.m. CST


CORNING, AR -- Thursday, Region 8 received more than its fair share of Mother Nature’s wrath.

The people ofClay County got much more than they bargained for when, for the third time that same day, rain poured from the heavens.

Heavy winds and rain ravaged the city of Corning leaving behind a line of destruction.

Corning has received quite a bit of structural damage,” said Corporal Allan Earnhart of the Arkansas State Police.

Straight line winds produced by the storm were so powerful that they blew over two tractor trailers.

Michael Brown was driving one of the tractor trailers when it went up on two wheels, and crashed to the ground. 

He walked away from the accident unharmed.

“I was driving along, and straight line winds from the west and blew me over.  I felt them coming, so I just slowed down, and rode them out,” said Brown.

The driver of the other truck was transported to an area hospital.

Deeper into Corning, the wreckage of the winds could be seen by the trail of damage left behind.

The roof covering a row of shops in downtown Corning was ripped from the buildings by the strong winds.

“From about three stores down from right here, the roofs were ripped off.  Now it’s all wadded, and twisted, and down the street,” said Sgt. Jimmy Leach of the Corning Police Department.

Several power lines were knocked down as well.

The cities of Piggott and Rector, also in Clay County, received damage as well.