Legal Community Responds to Re-trial for Billy Green

March 10, 2006 -- Posted at 6:23 p.m. CST


POCAHONTAS, AR -- The Arkansas Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of Billy Dale Green in the deaths of the Elliot family of Dalton, Arkansas.


Billy Dale Green was found guilty, and sentenced to death in 2004 in the deaths of Carl, Lisa, Felecia, and Gregory Elliot.


The case is now back with the Randolph County Circuit Court for a re-trial.


The Arkansas Supreme Court said that jurors in the trial should not have been told about Green’s reputation.


Prosecutor Henry Boyce said he's ready for that challenge.


“I’m simply not deterred that it’s going to come back for a re-trial.  I’m fully ready to try it again,” said Henry Boyce.


The families of the victims will now have to endure the same trial for a second time.


“It’s just emotionally draining, having to go through the trial again.  It’s like the nightmare is starting all over.  I still have faith that justice was served the first time, and we will come out of this ok,” said Carl Elliot’s sister Brenda Ward.


The ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court leaves those responsible for putting Green behind bars in shock.


Although the capitol murder convictions have been overturned Green will still remain in prison.    


“He had another charge of life in prison on his drug charges.   At least, if for some miraculous reason, this is overturned he won’t be getting out from behind bars.  That’s where I think he belongs,” said Randolph County Sheriff Brent Earley.


Officials aren't sure when Billy Dale Green will go back to court for his re-trial.


They are ready for it when the time comes.