Lawmaker Says Missouri Should Move to Capitalize on Anniversary

March 11, 2006 - Posted at 12:32 p.m. CST

HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) _ With the 150th anniversary of the outbreak

of the Civil War approaching, one Democratic state lawmaker says

Missouri is not doing enough to capitalize on the resulting tourism


J-C Kuessner, of Eminence, is a member of the House Tourism

Committee. He says Missouri has plenty of Civil War history of its

own -- and could also be the first stop for many history buffs

coming from the western U-S.

But to tell the story of Missouri's part in the war, Kuessner

says, the state will have to spend money. Last year the tourism

budget shrank, but Kuessner says he hopes to get the money restored

-- and Governor Blunt, a Republican, has said that will happen.

The Civil War officially began in 1861, although it was preceded

by violence along the Kansas-Missouri border several years earlier.

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