Bush Says Bombs are Greatest Threat to Troops

March 11, 2006 - Posted at 1:06 p.m. CST

WHITE HOUSE (AP) _ President Bush says U-S forces are using

every possible resource against the deadliest threat to troops in

Iraq: homemade bombs.

In his weekly radio message, the president says terrorists in

Iraq know they can't defeat the U-S military directly, so they're

using remote-controlled explosives.

He says troops are getting more extensive training on spotting

the bombs, which can be buried along the roadside or concealed in

animal carcasses.

With nearly daily reports of bombings and other violence in

Iraq, Bush also said he understands why many Americans question the

mission. He said the last three years of tough fighting ``have

tested our resolve.''

A new poll finds more than three-fourths of Americans think

civil war in Iraq is likely.

His radio remarks are among the first in a series on Iraq

planned for the coming days, ahead of the third anniversary of the

U-S-led invasion.

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