Fire Hits Region 8 Once Again

March 11, 2006 -- 9:00 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Fire swept through another building in Region 8...this time at Riceland Foods of Jonesboro.    


The Jonesboro Fire Department was at the scene Friday night around 8:00 PM putting out the flames.


"The fire actually orginated from what's called a hammer mill on the ground floor, and the sparks were carried up to the dust collection system," said Allan Dunn of the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Dunn said that the fire was well controlled due to a built in system in the building.


"The dust collection system that they have there is basically designed to collect the event that they do have a's hopefully contained to that.

No one was injured in the midst of the flames and Riceland employees still continue to work.

"Riceland's in the process of doing their clean-up from the fire, and will probably work over the weekend to get everything back up and running," said Dunn.