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Jonesboro, AR -- Gia Hill Reports

Cadets Train for Search and Rescue

March 11, 2006 -- 9:25 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Civil Air Patrol cadets were hard at work Saturday as they trained for search and rescue exercises.


"We try to work to improve cadets leadership and train them in aerospace education," said Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Looney.

The cadets received a half days training in emergency services.

An aircraft was staged as a crash, and cadets used electronic equipment to locate where the aircraft was on the ground.   Major Craig Kaminicki said that the airplane crash scenerio is the most likely to happen.

"We have two scenarios that we're assimilating today, one is we're asssimilating a crash aircraft and we're using our cadets to go ahead and locate it based on what the emergency locater transmitter is providing," said Kaminicki.

The training was very essential to the cadets and the officers who trained them.


"We get called out anytime somebody crashes," said Looney.  "That could be three in the morning or 12 in the afternoon, so we just need to be prepared for anything that comes up," said Looney.

Anytime an aircraft goes down, the Civil Air Patrol takes the neccessary percautions to get to the site.   If a plane crashes, that's when all the training comes to life.


"We do close to 98 percent of domestic search and rescue for the Air Force," said Kaminicki.  "We spend quite a bit of time focusing on those capabilities.


The Civil Air Patrol is a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and they accept cadets ages 12 to 21.  


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