Senate Minority Leader Appalled by Sea of Mobile Homes

March 12, 2006 - Posted at 12:43 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ Senate minority leader Harry Reid wasn't

pleased to see for himself the rows upon rows of mobile homes lined

up at the Hope airport. After his visit yesterday, he said he was

upset at the failure of President Bush's administration to put the

trailers to use sheltering hurricane victims on the Gulf Coast.

The Nevada senator said, quote, ``I'm terribly mystified,

disappointed and ashamed for our country,'' unquote.

He and U-S Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas visited the site where

the Federal Emergency Management Agency is storing the mobile

homes. They were bought after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the homes

of thousands of people in Louisiana and Mississippi. FEMA has said

that it has been unable to put the trailers to use because federal

regulations prohibit placing them in flood plains.

Reid said that, after viewing the sea of trailers, he and Pryor

wrote a letter to Bush urging him to sign an executive order that

would provide a temporary exemption from the flood-plain

regulations. Pryor has offered legislation to do that, but Reid

said legislation isn't needed, that Bush could do it with the

stroke of a pen.

Reid said he was particularly appalled because he knows that, in

Pass Christian, Mississippi, for example, more than 100 hurricane

victims are living in a flood plain -- in tents.

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