Two Get 15-Year Prison Sentences in Botched Robbery of Jewelry Salesmen

March 12, 2006 - Posted at 12:52 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ Two men whose attempted robbery of some

well-armed Texas jewelry salesmen was botched last year, resulting

in the death of a third man, have been sentenced to 15 years in

prison. Both pleaded guilty to felony charges.

A third assailant, Andre G. Felipe, was fatally wounded in the

March 14th, 2005, robbery of brothers Charles and Roy Hirschberg of

Dallas. Felipe died that day at a hospital.

Jairo Andres Martinez of Dallas and Raul Camaro of New York

pleaded guilty to a felony theft charge and two counts of

aggravated robbery after prosecutors agreed to drop a manslaughter

charge stemming from Felipe's death.

Police say five guns confiscated after the robbery outside a

west Little Rock jewelry store belonged to the two brothers, and

all 21 shell casings found at the scene had been ejected from those

five guns. Police say the robbers had knives. No charges were filed

against the salesmen.

Investigators believe the robbers followed the brothers from

Dallas. Prosecutors say the Hirschbergs had more than 500-thousand

dollars in jewelry with them. The brothers had just gotten into

their car after leaving the jewelry store when they were surprised

by the robbers, who broke the car windows to get to them.

Prosecutors say the brothers had knives placed to their throats.

The robbers took some jewelry, but the brothers were able to draw

their guns and open fire. The robbers fled in a car and a van.

Martinez and Camaro were later captured and the jewelry was

recovered in their wrecked car.

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