A Look Inside the Home and Garden Show

March 12, 2006 -- 4:00 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Today was the last day to take a peek at the 2006 Home and Garden Show.

“The turnout's been great,” said Steve Schmidt, President of the North East Arkansas Home Builders Association.   “I think we were somewhere at 14 hundred yesterday. We're hoping for maybe that more again today.”

This annual event brings vendors from accross the area to show off all their products.

“This is my third year coming up here with Barton's.  We look forward to it just about every year,” said Robert Powers of Alabama.

Powers manufactures world pool bath tubs, one of many items at the show.  He said that the tub peaked several people's interest.

“The first questiion I get is, ‘Is the water hot,’” said Powers.

The show is huge for future homeowners.   It gives them a chance to get up close and personal with the products and the vendors as well.

“We enjoy coming up and letting the product be seen in the area,” said Powers.

Schmidt said that the building community is huge in J onesboro  

“Being able to see these products and talk to these vendors is a neccessity for our industry,” said Schmidt.

The atmosphere was perfect for any potential buyer.  It gave them more than one reason to start investing for that dream home.