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Walnut Ridge -- Gia Hill Reports

Williams Baptist College Up and Running

March 13, 2006 -- 6:30 PM CST


WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- Williams Baptist College was targeted last week due to severe weather.

One of the buildings that was hit hard was Southerland Hall dormitory.    About 50 ladies were forced out of their dormitories and relocated to other areas on campus.   


Administrators worked hard to get everything back on track.

“We are up and running…we are back on schedule today,” said Brett Cooper, Public Relations Director.   “Things are really going very well considering what we've been through.”            

Students who were forced out of their dormitories are in good spirits.     Meredith Brown was housed at Southerland and she said she's happy to be safe.

“I just want to thank the faculty for doing a wonderful job, and they're working as fast as possible to find places for all the women here at Williams Baptist.”

Cooper said that he is pleased to have such understanding students.

“The students have been magnificent,” he said.  “We couldn't ask for a better attitude.  We know that this has to be a frustration for them.”          

Classes were canceled Friday due to electrical problems, which gave students an extra day to sleep in.   


Now, students are back on campus headed to class.

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