A Divorce Without an Attorney

March 14, 2006 -- 7:10 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Getting a divorce has become Internet friendly.   Awide range of people are visiting websites and filing for divorce on-line.


But Attorney Mark Ress says that when it comes to on-line divorcing, people should beware.


“The forms that you can get off line could be helpful at times, but I can see a lot of traps that people can get into.” said Rees.


Rees said that when children are involved, it’s best to seek the advice of a lawyer.


The divorce websites have different forms available for the parties to complete, but Rees said it's more to it than just filling out a form.


“You gotta talk about visitation...you gotta talk about support, and anytime you have those types of issues, whether it's contestant or uncontestant, I think you need the advice of a lawyer, he said.


An on-line divorce can cost about $250.  According to some websites, filing on-line can save individuals over $3,000.


Reports show that do-it-yourself divorces are simple as one, two, three…but both parties have to agree on the terms, if they don't agree, a lawyer will be necessary.  


“A lot of people think that they have an uncontestant divorce, but once they come in here you realize that it's not uncontestant,” said Rees.


Rees believes that most people will stick to the old fashioned way when it comes to divorces, but the internet has opened up the doors for divorces to be cheap, quick and friendly.