Offbeat: Senior "B's"

March 15, 2006--Posted at 9:30 a.m. CST

PARAGOULD--Most of us look forward to relaxing when we retire, but for one group of retirees in Paragould, relaxation is not an option.

Every Wednesday, the Greene County Senior "B's" hit the road on their way to their next gig.  The group of 30 performs a one hour music and sing-a-long program at a different Paragould nursing home every week.  They sing everything from old time hymns to the "Chicken Truck Song."  Along with the chicken song, they flap their wings and dance with the residents.

All those involved say they got into it to share a blessing with those fellows seniors that aren't still able to get around, but in the process have learned they get as much blessing from their show as anyone.