Nestle Announces Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

March 15, 2006--Posted at 11:30 pm
JONESBORO-- Jonesboro's Nestle plant announces an expansion that will bring over 100 jobs to the city.
It's a 20 million dollar project that will help produce a popular food line.
The Nestle plant in Jonesboro, which employs nearly 400 workers, will expand to make room for a new line.
"It's a 19.7 million capital for the installation of a new line that will produce hot pocket sandwiches," Plant Manager Jim Triskett says.
Hot Pockets reached $800 million last year in sales.
Jonesboro will become one of three plants in the country that will produce them.
The other hot pocket producing plants are in L.A. And Lexington, KY.
But the Jonesboro plant will be the first to produce Stouffers and Hot Pockets under the same roof.
The expansion is expected to bring nearly 120 jobs to Jonesboro by early 2007... 65 of those jobs will be filled by the end of this year.
"There are going to be assembly jobs. There's going to be some technical jobs. There's going to be some sanitation jobs and a few management jobs as well," Triskett says.
And for Wallace Fowler, the growth of Jonesboro's Nestle plant comes as no surprise.
"We knew we had recruited a class company in Nestle when it came to Jonesboro, but they are so tremendously proud of their staff and the people that they are able to hire in our area," Jonesboro Economic Development President Wallace Fowler says.
Triskett says the Jonesboro plant was the most efficient for the addition and will benefit from a quality staff... And for Jonesboro, it's just another opportunity for a community that continues to grow.
"The more that we are able to get class a companies to come to town like nestle and the others that we have recruited over the last 15 years or 20 years, the word gets out that this is a good community," Fowler says.

The new expansion project has already begun. The Nestle plant opened in Jonesboro in 2003.