Blytheville's Celebration of Champions

March 16, 2006 -- Posted at 6:22 p.m. CST


BLYTHEVILLE, AR -- A celebration of champions was held Thursday at Blytheville High School after the Blytheville Chickasaws returned home from the state tournament as the best.


Players, students, and fans gathered for a pep rally in the school gym to show their love for the team.


This win is something the community has been wishing for throughout the years.


“We haven’t won one since 1989.  I have a son and a nephew on the team, and all the guys are my friends.  It just means so much to me, and the whole city,” said parent Douglas Echols.

As a showing of support for the team, Blytheville Mayor Barry Harrison attended the celebration and proclaimed March 16th, 2006 as Blytheville Chickasaw Day.


The athletes on the team are proud of what they've accomplished, but do give credit where credit's due.


“I’ve got a great coach and great teammates around me.  We’ve been together since elementary school, and I feel like this was our year,” said Senior Chris Brown.


Fans of the Chickasaws love their team, and have done their part to cheer the team on to victory.


“It means everything, because Blytheville hasn’t had a championship in 17 years.  As you can see, there’s a lot going on and I’m proud to be a part of that,” said Brown.


“We don’t want the kids to forget this, because this is something that they work hard at all year, and they have tough games in the season.  They came out on top and we’re just excited about it,” said Echols.

”Last year I thought we had a chance to win, and this year I knew we would win it,” said Brown.


Blytheville has a rich basketball history, so this win is something they will be able to feel proud of for years to come.