Hog Watching

March 17, 2006--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--When is a 12 greater than a 5 and office's across Region 8 are a buzz over one sheet of paper? It's the annual NCAA basketball tournament, complete with buzzer beaters and office pools.    

"It's the best time of the year," said Razorback fan J.P. Rogers.

March madness, the time of year when rabid basketball fans catch the fever.

"Well I'll be calling in, I'll be late just don't tell nobody," said Razorback fan Scott Hoffman

For the first time since 2001 the Razorbacks are enjoying the festivities.

"I'm a Hog fan, born a Hog fan and I will die a Hog fan," said Rogers.

If you can't be at the game the next best place to catch the action is with fans at a local restaurant.

"You can watch it by yourself at home and that is fine but it is just awesome being out with a group of people," said Hoffman.

It was standing room only at Wings To Go in Jonesboro as more than 50 people were getting hog wild as Arkansas faced off against Bucknell.

"Around Bucknell they are trying to barbeque some pigs but, we going to try to fry some chicken wings, and cook Bucknell," said Wings To Go owner Rodney Rogers.

While chicken wings were the main course back here in the kitchen the only thing on everyone else's minds were Hogs.

"We have 13 televisions and every game we have going on right now and for the rest of the day is all Razorbacks," said Rodney Rogers.

Some fans came with friends and others like Scott Hoffman and J.P. Rogers shared a meal, a table and the game with new found friends

"Well when you are a Razorback fan it doesn't matter. Razorback fans are all part of one big family," said Hoffman.

A family that lived and died with every Arkansas basket all the way up until the final horn.

"Hog fans are one nation. One nation under Hogs. Go hogs," said J.P. Rogers.

As hard as it was to find a seat during the Arkansas game as soon as the Hogs lost Wings To Go quickly emptied out. I guess there always next year for the Razorbacks.