Region 8 Town Small Town Shows Huge Support

MARCH 17, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:15 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Many towns across Region 8 know the feeling well. The proud feeling of cheering your high school team to a state championship.

Sorry, we're closed was a common sign to see Friday all over the town of Doniphan. The small town was nearly empty as the fans followed their team on the road to a hopefull victory.

"I think they've been very supportive. Many of our businesses have helped out with our participation, with cheering the girls on. I think as a town we're all very proud of them,  says Doreen Tompkins, Doniphan Middle School Teacher.

The excitement ran high in Doniphan and their support went farther down the road than the town's highways could even reach.

Many long, hard hours started in the gym preparing for this weekend. A weekend that means so much to this small town.

"I'm listening to it right now and they're losing at the moment, but I think they'll come back and win," says Kayla Young, Doniphan Resident.

"Keep the town's moral up to know that we won state," says Billy Broyles, Doniphan Resident.

"It'll mean a lot, especially for the younger people coming on. That will give them more encouragement to do the same thing," says Helen Rainbolt, Doniphan Resident.

And for some longtime residents, Doniphan's game holds sweet memoreis.

"It is awesome to see people that you've seen when they were so small and to see what they develop into and the wonderful things they do with their lives," says Doreen Tompkins.

Nonetheless, the Donettes lost Friday's game 62-52 against Blair Oaks. But there's good news, the Donette's play in the consolation game for third place at 7:40 Saturday Night.

Residents said that no matter the outcome of the game, the town of Doniphan wins either way.